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A few years ago, there was a clear separation between online gaming and the real-life casino halls. In the meantime, the picture has shifted tremendously as companies have begun to recognize the enormous possibilities of Internet business and have expanded from ‘bricks and mortar casinos’ to the Internet.

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Online Casinos with Novoline Slots

For decades, the Austrian Novomatic AG has been established as one of the giants of the European gaming sector. Their core business focus is certainly the development and distribution of games and gaming machines. At the same time, the company operates numerous gambling halls and casinos. Novomatic also runs a sports betting business.

The company’s own brand is marketed under the label “Novoline”. The attractive games are an integral part of almost every respectable gaming studio across Europe. The Novoline creations enjoy an unbroken popularity among the professional Casino players. For several years now, Novoline has been mixing up the online scene and has rapidly developed into serious competition for the classic Internet providers. The Austrians use a very decisive advantage, with games well known to their customers.

The Benefits of Novoline Online Games

The online versions of these popular betting games are very often extended and enhanced by some extra functions, which not only provide for a higher playing pleasure, but also offer additional profit chances for the savvy user.

However, the main advantage of the online games is the distribution rate. The land-based gambling machines generally operate with profit distributions between 40 and 45 per cent. Anyone who dares to play online can calculate with a verified pay-out rate of over 95 per cent. Mostly, the games also feature improved sound and graphics, compared to their free-of-charge inferior copycat games on Social Media, like Facebook and Instagram.

The most popular Novoline Games at a glance

The list of Novoline games that are available to play on the Internet is quite long. Below we have compiled the most popular games, based on user experience and ratings:

• Jackpot Crown