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The world of good software programmers for online casinos is dominated by a maximum of ten companies. The first five companies stand out: Net Entertainment is, without doubt, the best one out of the Top 5.

The Swedish software producer has been involved since 1996 in the online scene. This makes Net Entertainment (or NetEnt as it is more commonly known in the gambling world) one of the most renowned and certainly one of the most popular providers of the online gaming scene. Many Casinos providers rely on a mutually beneficial collaboration with Net Entertainment, partly as an exclusive Net Entertainment platform, in conjunction with other software producers.

Casino Maximum Bonus Percent Software Free Spins No Deposit Bonus Rating Bonus Code Link
1500€ 100% 10 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 20 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 10 21€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 10 140€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
1100€ 150% 15 5€ 9.6 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 10 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 15 140€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 20 9.4 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 10 9.3 GET LUCKY
1200€ 150% 10 9.2 GET LUCKY
1000€ 300% 25 9.2 GET LUCKY
1500€ 200% 20 9.1 GET LUCKY
444€ 100% 10 9.1 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 10 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
600€ 100% 20 9.0 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 10 8.9 GET LUCKY
500€ 100% 10 8.9 GET LUCKY
1500€ 100% 10 8.9 GET LUCKY

The most famous NetEnt slots

NetEnt Games are extremely popular due to their consistently superior graphics and sounds. Each user has, of course, their own special interest and favorite game. The most popular Net Entertainment games are:

Some sports betting and casino companies reward their new customers with free games at the sought-after and attractive Starburst Slot machine.

The product range of Sweden at a glance

The product range of the Swedish company exceeds far beyond just the programming of online Casino games. Net Entertainment is launching several labels and product lines as it seeks to become the world’s leading software producer. We have compiled a brief overview of the company’s performance:

The profit chances at NetEnt – jackpots in millions of pounds

The games are attractive and beautiful and, for NetEnt, fairness is the top priority. But without corresponding profits, then the users will quickly despair and disappear. Of course, Net Entertainment can not guarantee every player permanent profits, but your chances are good. For example, the software company currently manages 15 progressive jackpots with millions on offer in the NetEnt casinos. All games are verified and “produce” payout rates between 95 and 98 per cent. The games are equipped with a secure random number generator. It is technically impossible to actively influence the game.

NetEnt the company – the vision

This Swedish company have a simple vision: games full of fun and profits. Net Entertainment offers the highest gaming pleasure to its own licence partners and the players “outside on the screens”. The headquarters of NetEnt have always been in Stockholm, where shares of the holding company are traded on the stock exchange. However, the head office in Malta primarily controls the main business. The NetEnt Games are licensed, among other things, by the Lotteries & Gaming Authorities.

As a first software company, Net Entertainment received a lucky license in Italy in 2011. Per Eriksson has run net Entertainment for several years.

The best NetEnt casino from at a glance

The best online casinos that work with Net Entertainment are:

Conclusion on Net Entertainment – Top software vendor

NetEnt is the best software provider. You can play it on the best online casinos: 888Casino, BetVictor and Mr. Green Casino. Their games are attractive, highly profitable and above all easy to play. The portfolio includes all versions of the modern Internet game, from slot machines and video games to the Poker machines, to classics and simple games like Keno, Lottery or Bingo.

There are certainly other software producers who have a few quality games on the screen, but Net Entertainment has the widest range of the very best games. Their focus on high-quality means that if the development time of a new game lasts a few months longer than planned, then this is not a problem for the Swede company as they prefer a quality game instead of one rushed out and unfinished.

NetEnt acquired one of their biggest Live casino software competitor Evolution.