Play live roulette – strategy, experiences, tips and tricks

Millions of people challenge their luck every day at Roulette tables around the world. The game of Roulette has lost nothing of its fascination with players as its popularity continues to increase.

The unique advantage of the casino game is that almost no rules have to be learned. On the virtual table, the numbers can be chosen immediately, before the white ball rolls. While the slot machines are determined by pure luck, every good Roulette player believes they can influence casinos with knowledge, systems and strategies. This may be reasonably right, because Roulette is undoubtedly underpinned by a mathematical basis of probability. However, the casino's home advantage can never be turned off.

Casino Roulette Percentage Maximum Bonus Percent No Deposit Bonus Rating Bonus Code Link
20% 1500€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
9% 200€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 21€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1100€ 150% 5€ 9.6 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 9.3 GET LUCKY
10% 1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 300% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 200% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 600€ 100% 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10% 500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY

Nevertheless, the casino community developed its own ideas and approaches , which use mathematics and probability calculations, in order to beat the casino. At this point, we do not want to judge whether this experiment is successful or not and instead let you decide for yourself. If you are interested in Roulette fraud strategies, we also offer insightful information. But we cannot recommend Roulette fraud.

But being able to empty the casino’s bank is increasingly rare. Usually, Roulette is played after work at home on the computer for relaxation. At this point, however, many Roulette fans ask the question: Are casino software programs really fair? The feeling that you are actually affecting the game is lost in online gambling. It is fair to say that the best casinos on the Internet all work together with secure and serious programming companies, so that fraud is ruled out.

The online providers have responded to this trend and presented the solution – Live Casinos. Roulette can be played at the game tables against real croupiers. The ball is thrown into the kettle by the mostly young, attractive ladies. Picture and sound are transferred directly from the Internet play bars via the webcam to the domestic PC or tablet. The technical requirements for the live dealer game are low, although the strength of your Internet connection may affect your playing experience, especially if you are using a mobile network such as 3G or 4G. A commercially available computer is sufficient to transport you to Las Vegas in your own living room. A casino software download does not have to be executed. The Live Casino Games can be accessed free of charge on the website.

The Benefits of Live Roulette

Personal control is one of the advantages of live Roulette in the online casino. You can closely follow the course of the ball in the Kettle at the table. Since the gaming providers work exclusively with trained staff, a real play bench atmosphere comes up. A little chat between players still exists in most casinos. At the multiplayer tables, players can chat with their casino teammates. Messages can be sent to others or the dealer at any time. For serious problems, however, there is still a casino manager who cares about the concerns of his customers.

The different live games in the casino

The live Roulette tables allow the users some considerable profits. In the so-called VIP or Gold Roulette, ridiculous sums of money can be played. The British gambler William Hill plays a leading role here. The casino provider allows Roulette bets to simple odds up to a maximum of 500,000 Euros.

At most game tables, however, maximum sums are normally no more than four-digits. Leisure players usually play with a few cents in the game. The table limits are usually already visible on the home page of the Live Roulette casino. The highest amounts can be placed on the simple chances of red or black or even or odd.

Roulette is now moving towards automatic and multiplayer software systems. At the Live Casinos, too, the cameras are transmitting the rolling sphere of the mechanical games onto users’ screens.

What other games are available in the Live Casinos?

Of course, in the Live Casinos, other games than Roulette are played. The program also includes Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker. However, the offers vary enormously. While some smaller online casinos are limited to a few tables, the biggest casinos have almost 100 game versions for players to choose from. Poker is usually available in the Texas Hold’em version, Caribbean Stud mode or the Three Card Poker variant.

It should not be forgotten that the opening hours for Live Casinos on the Internet are not limited like the opening hours of brick & mortar casinos. Therefore, Live Casinos are open around twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Users who want to enjoy Roulette, to suit their lifestyle and at their discretion, can do so day and night, without a break.

The top software producers of the live scene

But why are the female dealers at the roulette tables always so similar? The answer is simple – they are not similar, they are the same. Most online casinos do not operate the live casinos themselves, but resort to third-party players. Currently, the Live Casino scene is dominated by two companies: Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

The British casino software developer Playtech has two live casinos, one in Eastern Europe, and the other in Asia. Therefore you have a choice between Eastern European croupiers and Asian croupiers. Playtech now belong to the British-based William Hill Group and is currently the market leader in casinos software, so it is not surprising that the popular live roulette from Playtech is played (amongst other games) at leading Casinos, such as Eurogrand.

Evolution Gaming is probably the number one software developer for roulette games in Live Casinos. The British company operates Live Casinos in Riga and Malta. Most of the top Internet casinos use Evolution Gaming software.

The casino operator offers its customers the following roulette versions:

• Live Roulette American and European Style
• Immersive Roulette
• Mobile Live Roulette
• Mini Live Roulette
• Native Speaking Roulette (the Casino is waiting for the German version)
• Sports Roulette
• Slingshot Auto Roulette

Live Blackjack is offered in the following casino versions:

• Live Blackjack Classic
• Mobile Live Blackjack
• VIP Live Blackjack

It should be noted that neither Playtech nor Evolution Gaming has anything to do with the direct relationship between customer and casino. The software company can help with technical problems. However, if you have problems with financial transactions etc., you must contact your own online casino provider.

In many cases, the uninitiated assume that the Live Games are broadcast directly from real stationary casinos. However, this is not correct. The Live Games have been specially designed for the Internet. Moreover, in many countries, it is not legally possible to stream directly from the brick and mortar, land-based casino houses. Evolution Gaming offers live game from the Casino “Rincon de Pepe” in Murcia, although this offer is currently open only to Spanish online Casinos.

Since foreign providers stream the games, they are not free in Fun Mode. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to just log in and look over the shoulder to watch the real croupiers in action.

The big live roulette exception – BetVictor

While most online casinos rely on cooperation with third party software companies, BetVictor has focussed on live roulette. The BetVictor Casino now has its own live studio in Gibraltar. In any case, the well-known British gaming provider has turned gaming into a vision in real time as BetVictor users have the choice of four different Live Casinos.

The bonus – the fuse for the Live Casino games

The online providers mostly welcome their new customers with a very attractive casino bonus. Please note, however, that many companies in the Live Casino have a separate bonus. In the regular version, the Live Casino games are very often excluded or only give an inferior bonus contribution under their conditions. The exact rules and conditions should inform you before you start playing. A few casino providers offer a small no deposit bonus, which allows roulette gaming free of charge.

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