21Casino Casino Test – Online Casino reviews and customer ratings

The 21 casino is one of the best examples of how to relaunch including re-branding as an online casino nowadays. While the predecessor, the Twenty One Casino, in some tests was rated below average, the casino was able to revise those ratings within a few months. From our point of view, therefore it was time to write a new test report for the 21 casino to show all optimized areas of the provider and to discover possible weaknesses. Can we agree with the positive response to the 21 casino, or do we still have obvious weaknesses?

Usability LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7
Game variety LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7
Bonus terms LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7
Deposit and withdrawal LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7
Customer support LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7
Casino app and mobile site LiveCasinoClub Rating: User Rating: 9.7

1. Live casino
2. Friendly customer support
3. Big casino games variety
4. UK licence

What licenses does the company have?


Let’s start with a rough classification of the 21Casino. The success story of the 21Casino under the name Twenty One Casino started at the beginning of the 21st century. Since the beginning of 2012 the website of the old Twenty One Casino has been available. The main focus was on the British market, since it was still located in Great Britain at that time. The success of the website was however limited, especially in Europe.

They were looking for a new way to not only reach a larger target group, but also to boost the brand itself. For these reasons they decided to perform a complete re-branding. The company behind the online casino, Imperium Network Solutions (INS), chose 21Casino as the new name and not only changed the entire website, but also optimized the online casino offers after a few shortcomings. An aspect that was not to be underestimated during the re-branding was the relocation of the main center to Curacao. Although the UK Gambling Commission’s license continues to be valid for the 21Casino customers from the UK, Europe and other countries around the world have been regulated by the government on Curacao since 2015. This is morally contestable as countries such as Curacao pursue a very loose policy of online casinos, but this is not to be taken serious because the 21Casino in the European countries must continue to follow EU regulations.

The offers of the 21Casino

Unfortunately, it is true that many online casinos hardly differ from each other.
The offer often is identical, so that some providers have taken a completely new path. Even though the 21Casino is not one of these companies, producers have thought about this aspect and provided a variety of things. This can be seen at the software manufacturers, which are used by the 21Casino. In addition to the big names like Net Entertainment, Amaya or Betsoft, smaller companies are also joining.

Here we have the exact list of all manufacturers that are represented at the 21Casino:

Thanks to the large number of partners they can offer their customers a very selection of gaming machines. Another advantage is that they constantly try to exchange some of the machines, if they do not work properly. This means that the products are always on the move. For this reason an exact number of gaming machines can not be named.

21 Casino bonus for new and existing customers

“In addition to the no-deposit bonus of 21 Euros… a deposit bonus up to 1,000 Euros…”

May the offer and the used software of a provider be good, if you are looking for a new online casino, you will primarily have one thing in mind – bonus payments. Everything stands and falls with the new customer bonus. In addition to the no-deposit bonus of 21 €, which is paid directly after registration, a deposit bonus of up to 1,000 € is also available. 200 percent of these are considered as bonus credits. With this new customer bonus you are of course given a direction, which you can hardly keep. The 21 Casino still tries to meet the high expectations. For example a permanent reload bonus of 21 percent at the beginning of the week, as well as an independent deposit bonus at the start of the weekend. For almost every bet you make at the 21Casino, you get a certain number of loyalty points, which can be exchanged from a certain value also in bonus credits. Apart from the bonus, since the relaunch of the website, a few contests have been developed to major events in Europe, whose final draw can be tracked at the live casino. All in all, a very well organized bonus program, which covers as many areas as possible.

Simple offers, great selection

For the mobile offer, the 21 Casino has created something very simple. Instead of developing an application for individual smartphones or tablets, they provide their entire mobile offer via only one mobile website. This website is displayed on all mobile devices in the same way. It can also be switched to the classic website version, but this is not a good alternative from our point of view due to long loading times and a compressed display. All casino games are available in the upper section of the customer menu, right in the center. Not every casino game from the computer version is available on mobile devices. Also the 21 Live Casino couldn’t be implemented in the mobile version. Comparing the mobile offer of the 21 Casino with competitors, it comes off rather average. Although the selection of gaming machines is sufficiently large, the mobile website does not have fully developed and still has some errors.

Varied live casino with various tables

In addition to regular online casinos you need live casinos. Gone are the days when you could only play roulette, poker and blackjack in the live casino at relatively weak transfer rates. And exactly these points can also be expected from an online casino, which has reinvented itself in 2015. The 21 Casino has exactly followed the same rules and has scored with its variety of live games in our test.

The following live matches are available at 21 Live Casino:

The first three casino games were expected from our side. While Baccarat is offered rather sparingly, which can be clearly deduced from the number of visitors and the number of tables available, Roulette and Blackjack are offered in various versions and with different limits. Whether it’s a beginner who wants to make his first steps at the live casino, or an experienced mid to high roller, there is a suitable table for every customer in the lobby. We were delighted to see that with Keno and a weekly lottery, two other markets are available at the live casino. Especially Keno is surprising, since only very few providers offer this game in in their live casinos. In contrast to Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, both lobbies are only opened on weekends.

Extensive customer service

If an online casino is to receive top marks in a test report, you have to provide an excellent customer service to your customers. This may sound like a simple task for outsiders, but casino players know the high requirements. And these very requirements 21 Casino cannot fulfill for its German customers. After we have extensively tested the German customer service we noticed some weaknesses, which were not necessarily expected in this form. The customer service for German customers is only available via e-mail and between 10:00 – 00:00 on weekdays, and between 18:00 and 0:00 on weekends via live chat. These are the most obvious weaknesses. While the live chat’s availability during the week is absolutely sufficient, the very narrow period of time on weekends seems almost bizarre. Especially when the number of visitors is on the highest point, you only offer a 6 hours live chat? Completely incomprehensible, which is also noticeable by the long waiting times. Another negative point is the lack of a hotline, which is normally used for larger and more confidential matters. However, the negative points about the availability can be compensated by the quality of the customer service. We received very clear statements, in some cases even with specific examples, whereby each of our concerns could be clarified within a few hours. With better accessibility and a free hotline it would be perfect.

No surprises for the payment methods

To our delight we didn’t notice any surprises with the payment methods. The 21 Casino can meet exactly the requirements that we place on an online casino today. The payment methods are a mix of classic payment methods and advanced e-wallets. In the e-wallets you will miss, however, one payment method, namely Paypal. But we are not surprised by this, as already mentioned, since Paypal is not the standard for smaller online casinos, which operate from countries like Curacao.

These payment methods are available at the 21 Casino:

For deposits at 21 Casino, please note that a charge of 2.5% is charged only on transactions by credit card. All other deposits are free of charge. Payouts are only possible via e-wallets or bank transfer. It is therefore advisable to use one of these payment methods already for the deposit, so it is already validated and verified in the system. This speeds up our experience with 21Casino after processing the payout.

Improved, nevertheless, in need of improvement in some places

As we hopefully showed with our test report, the 21Casino, thanks to the general overhaul, has improved strongly to the positive. New customers and existing customers have a clear reason to look at the 21Casino as an alternative thanks to the mature bonus program. The live casino and the general selection of game machines and casinos is according to our estimates completely sufficient, in some places even above average. But there are still some points of criticism. While it is clear that the 21Casino has found an identity, however, some requirements are still not complete. The customer service is to be given priority, the mobile offer can be made even more attractive. We will definitely have the 21 Casino in the field, you have the right direction.