Online Casino Bonus No Deposit – Comparison Of All No Deposit Bonuses – Take Advantage Of All Free Offers

Where can you get free casino credits to test a casino provider ?

A casino bonus without deposit can be the ideal solution (without deposit means you don’t have to first deposit your own money in the casino). Normally, the casino providers associate the value of a bonus with the amount you deposit, and the rules prevent you withdrawing the bonus as cash. But are there really casinos that distribute bonuses, which are not linked to any rules and conditions? Although it is not common for the casinos to give bonuses away, there are actually some gaming providers that offer casino deposits without a deposit. In our casino tests we found the platforms on which you can play for free. In our table below, you will find the best online casinos that actually offer a casino bonus no deposit in October 2016

However, the casinos apply rules and conditions to the free bonus. We would like to explain below the purpose, the conditions and the advantages of a casino bonus without deposit.

Casino Maximum Bonus Percent No Deposit Bonus Turnover Rating Bonus Code Link
1500€ 100% 88€ 35 9.8 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 88€ 35 9.8 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 21€ 35 9.7 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 140€ 35 9.7 GET LUCKY
1100€ 150% 5€ 35 9.6 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 140€ 35 9.5 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 30 9.3 GET LUCKY
1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
1000€ 300% 35 9.2 GET LUCKY
1500€ 200% 35 9.1 GET LUCKY
444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
600€ 100% 35 9.0 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
Casino High Roller Bonus Percent Maximum Bonus No Deposit Bonus Rating Bonus Code Link
1000€ 100% 1500€ 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 200€ 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 1000€ 21€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 1000€ 140€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
1000€ 150% 1100€ 5€ 9.6 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 100€ 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
900€ 100% 1000€ 140€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
900€ 100% 100€ 9.4 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 200€ 9.3 GET LUCKY
1000€ 150% 1200€ 9.2 GET LUCKY
1000€ 300% 1000€ 9.2 GET LUCKY
1500€ 200% 1500€ 9.1 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 444€ 9.1 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 1000€ 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 600€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 200€ 8.9 GET LUCKY
600€ 100% 500€ 8.9 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 1500€ 8.9 GET LUCKY
Casino Maximum Bonus Percent No Deposit Bonus Turnover Rating Bonus Code Link
1500€ 100% 88€ 35 9.8 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 88€ 35 9.8 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 21€ 35 9.7 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 140€ 35 9.7 GET LUCKY
1100€ 150% 5€ 35 9.6 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 140€ 35 9.5 GET LUCKY
100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 30 9.3 GET LUCKY
1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
1000€ 300% 35 9.2 GET LUCKY
1500€ 200% 35 9.1 GET LUCKY
444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
1000€ 100% 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
600€ 100% 35 9.0 GET LUCKY
200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
Casino Free Spins Game Maximum Bonus Percent Rating Bonus Code Link
10 Various 1500€ 100% 9.8 GET LUCKY
20 Various 200€ 100% 9.8 GET LUCKY
10 Various 1000€ 100% 9.7 GET LUCKY
10 Various 1000€ 100% 9.7 GET LUCKY
15 Various 1100€ 150% 9.6 GET LUCKY
10 Various 100€ 100% 9.5 GET LUCKY
15 Top 10 Slots 1000€ 100% 9.5 GET LUCKY
20 10 100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
10 Various 200€ 100% 9.3 GET LUCKY
10 Ninja 1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
25 Various 1000€ 300% 9.2 GET LUCKY
20 Various 1500€ 200% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10 Ninja 444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10 Ninja 1000€ 100% 9.0 GET LUCKY
20 Various 600€ 100% 9.0 GET LUCKY
10 Ninja 200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10 Various 500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10 Ninja 1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY

Can the online casino bonus be divided without deposit?

The casino bonuses without deposit can be divided into two groups. On the one hand, the online providers award lump sums, which can be used in the casino. Customers can use this money freely in their games in the casino. They can spend the bonus on whatever game they choose: classic casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, craps or Poker or on the slot machines.

A second form of the casino bonus without deposit is used in ‘Free Games’. In this case, the casino usually determines exactly which slot machine the ‘Free Game’ bonus is to be used at. In particular, if a casino has added a new slot to the portfolio, it is very often the case that the casino insists that the ‘Free Game’ bonus is spent here.

Why and when do casinos offer a free bonus without a deposit?

Some Internet casinos already distribute a casino bonus for new customers without deposit. However, this is a not a general rule and most providers do not. Usually, the welcome gift from the casino is linked with a separate deposit. Often however, additional free games are placed on certain payment variants or transfer amounts, so that new customers can test some games of their choice in the casino.

In the normal case the Internet providers use the casino bonus without deposit as a commercial measure for regular customers. Often, if you are already registered with the provider, (but have been away from the casino for a long time), you are contacted via email or SMS messages encouraging you to play again. The casino bonus will encourage you to play risk-free.

The casino bonus without deposit is an ideal advertising tool as it allows regular clientele valuable opportunities to test new games and strategies. VIP players and Casino High Roller often benefit from this offer. If you have played enough games and have made a large enough corresponding turnover, then the casino may thank you with an appropriate cash back bonus.

Why can customers use the casino bonus without a deposit?

Normally “a professional” player works in the casino with a regular money management and a fixed fund. The bets on the individual games are well thought-out and correspond to an individual plan. The casino bonus without deposit allows the users new game variants, new games and own strategies for free without risk to test. Whether it is just a few rounds of fun at the slot machines or whether you try a new system at the Roulette table, the casino bonuses is ideal for these situations.

What games do the casinos offer?

Every casino player has his or her favorites. An online provider may focus on the casino classics like Roulette, Blackjack or Poker, whereas others may prefer the game machines or video slots or simple games like Bingo, Keno or Lotto. Ultimately, the best casinos in 2016 offer the right mix for the widest selection of customer tastes.

In addition, the best Internet providers bring the casino almost home. At LiveCasino, the customers can be connected directly to real dealers via webcam and the bets can be done at the table. This realistic game not only creates the perfect casino feel, but also ensures utmost security. The Live Casino includes Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. Staggered operating limits in the casino appeal to hobby players as well as professional High Rollers.

What conditions do casinos have to offer for a free bonus?

No company in the world has money to give away, especially not to gamblers on the Internet. Although the bonus is a kind of gift, before it can be paid out, each casino sets sales conditions that must be met. Specifically, this means that the bonus has to be played several times in the casino before the credit is credited to the real money account of the players. Only then can the customer apply for a withdrawal. Since the bonus is not linked to a separate deposit, the playing conditions are quite high. The bonus creates excitement and fun and should not be seen by the users as an easy or guaranteed ”cash reward”.

If, for example, you must play a certain amount of Casino and free of charge games, several times before you reach the payout criteria. Basically, the basic bet you played remains the property of the casino, so only the winnings (profits) will be paid to you after the completion of the Free Games.

The bonus conditions in the casino often state that the contributions from classic games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Poker and Video machines with doubling functions are often completely excluded in the rules.

Why don’t online casinos give money away?

Every company concentrates on maximising profitability and the online casinos are no different. The widespread opinion that casinos and gambling banks are among the richest companies in the world is incorrect. The gambling companies work with very low profit margins, and have expensive administrative, software and websites to maintain, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. The old wisdom that “sales are not equal to profit” is truer at the online casinos than other industry.

So casinos, whilst abiding by the law and upholding the strictest security and safety, have to maximise profits from their gaming operations and ensure each game is fair but also gives them an advantage. Classic casino games like Roulette and Blackjack have a house advantage of about two per cent. With a strategically clever approach, users can reduce this bank advantage almost to zero, especially in card games.

Even at the game machines the profit for gaming companies is not huge (between 2 – 3%). The slots of the best online casinos are programmed with payout rates between 95 and 97 per cent. The software companies like Boss Media, Net Entertainment, Microgaming or Playtech pays the casinos only the smallest margins. The supervisory authorities constantly control the games so that the customer is not cheated or exploited. This is the reason why the casino bonus without deposit is quite rare or is linked to strict sales conditions.

Which top casinos offer a bonus without deposit?

Below we would like to introduce you the best casino providers, which offer a bonus without deposit.

Mr. Green Casino – Twenty examples at the Starburst Slot

The Mr. Green Casino does not necessarily link the registration with its own deposit. The Mr Green Bonus, which has a value of 100 per cent of the first deposit of up to 200 Euro, is only awarded after the transfer, but every new customer can secure the 20 Free Spins on the Starburst slot machines immediately after registration.

The casino is one of the best currently on the market. It has grown strong since 2008 through a constantly improved homepage. Mr. Green is originally from Sweden and is officially registered and licensed in Malta. The award-winning casino uses the software of several programmers and thus creates a very diverse range of games. The casino game software is from leading software providers (Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and Wagerworks).

888 casino – examples worth 88 Euros

The 888 Casino allows you to start immediately and free of charge, regardless of the size of your deposit. New customers can start directly at the game machines free of charge. The 88 Euros Free Spins may be played immediately.
888Holding Plc. is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Financial transfers will be handled by Intersafe Global Limited’s own subsidiary. The casino is licensed in Gibraltar. In total, the 888Holding employs exactly 880 full-time employees. The casino has been present on the market since 1997. In terms of software, the 888 Casino solely relies on Playtech, one of the industry leaders.

Winner Casino – the world champion of the casino bonus without deposit

The Winner Casino does not oblige its new customers to make a deposit. Free is not a word at Winner, but a motto. Currently the casino offers the following offers free of charge:

• Casino bonus of 30 Euros
• Bingo bonus of 10 British pounds
• Mobile casino bonus of 30 Euros

All these offers are free of charge and do not require their own deposit. You can start gambling directly after the registration in the casino.
The Winner Casino is one of the top players in the gambling scene. The company is licensed in the UK, and in Antigua and Barbuda. The casino is well respected and known for its absolute fairness. Numerous accountants, programmers and lawyers work for the Winner Casino to ensure fair conditions of competition. The respected Redfinger Limited, its own subsidiary, handles the financial transactions.

Casino Club – Free examples without deposit

New customers at the casino club also do not need to make a deposit to begin the game. The start is free. The online casino usually has around a hundred free games in the offer, which can be used immediately after the registration. Their special casino club bonus varies from month to month.

The casino club, which is registered in Malta, actually has German roots. The target group of the casino are clearly the German-speaking casino players. The homepage is still offered in English, French and Dutch. VIP players receive monthly tips from absolute professionals by newsletter. The casino’s multiplayer Roulette has a sensational, verified pay-out of 97.78 per cent.

Which are the best casinos in 2016?

The casino bonus without deposit is certainly an important reason to choose an online provider, but should not be the only basis for your decision-making. You also need to consider licensing issues, the company behind the platform, customer support, secure and fast payments and deposits as well as ensuring that their game portfolio meets your needs. In particular, you should compare and consider the casino software and the quality of the sound, graphics and playing experience. Most Casinos use the same few software providers. Every software company has its strengths, whether you choose Microgaming, Playtech or Net Entertainment.

But how do you find the best casino?

You can dig through a lot of posts on the Internet and compare the opinions and experiences of players. This is a slow, futile approach and does not guarantee authentic, valid or up-to-date information. These contributions are subjectively written by users and simply recount a positive or negative experience at the casino. Who has time to read millions of posts, articles, tweets or blogs?

However, in this article, our independent tests have shown that the following casinos currently offer fairness, security and a convincing game offer:

• 888 Casino
• William Hill Casino
• Mr. Green Casino
• Party Casino
• Winner Casino
• Casino Club
• Eurogrand Casino
• S Casino
• Tipico Casino
• Bwin Casino

Conclusion – Casino bonus without deposit 2016

If a casino offers a free bonus, games can be tested (whether they are Roulette, Blackjack, slots or video Poker). Of course, the rules of the casino have to be observed.