Blackjack tips and tricks that lead to success – All casino tips and tricks at Blackjack

Blackjack is a unique casino game that, like all other card games, requires a mixture of luck and skill to win. Although you can’t win all of your Blackjack games, some good Blackjack tips can help you to win a little more often, which in turn will make your games more enjoyable. However, you should always remember that these are just tips and do not guarantee that you will go home with large profits.

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The first of Blackjack tips and tricks – always know the rules!

Almost every casino has slightly different rules for Blackjack. The rules vary in terms of how many card games are used, how often the cards are mixed (at most online casinos this is done after each hand), when Doubling is allowed, how often you can Split your cards, and whether a further card is required. It is therefore necessary to search for a table which uses less card piles, where the dealer stops on a soft 17, a Doubling on two cards and after a Split is possible, and a later surrender is allowed. Some casinos offer even lower payouts in Blackjack in exchange for seemingly more advantageous rules. Such casinos should always be avoided, because these changed rules have a huge impact on the house advantage, and make it more likely that the house will win!

Never chase the losses

If you are proactive and have set a strict limit for the amount that you are willing to lose while playing Blackjack, then you will be able to compensate for your losses. Once the fixed amount has been spent, you should simply stop, because a desperate attempt to compensate for these losses will usually result in further losses. If you are experiencing a losing streak, then simply stop playing or switch to another game.

Never have two 10-piece splitters

The first piece of advice is that there should never be a split at two 10s because these two cards have a total score of 20 and are an excellent hand for the player. So if you get a card value of 20 on the first two cards, then there is only one situation in which the dealer can beat these cards, and that is a Blackjack. It will therefore be very difficult for the dealer to beat you in this situation.

Always a pair of 8 pieces

Whichever card value the dealer should have in his hand, even if the first card is an Ace, you should always split two 8s. Two 8s give a total of 16 and that is the worst hand in the game of Blackjack. Splitting the two 8s gives you a better chance of a winning hand and, of course, reducing losses. Winning with one hand and losing the other means that one hand has paid for the other and you lose nothing at the end. If you should also receive a 10 card with both hands, two 18-hand hands can be created instead of the individual 16 hand, which will increase your chances for a win.

Never split two 5 pieces

If you should receive two 5s, this hand has a value of 10, which is why it is a wise decision to Double, and you only require one card. If, on the other hand, you Split the two 5s and gets two 10s at the end, you have just made two bad hands from a good hand because by doubling the card value in the same case would have been 20.

When should I Double?

Here are some situations where you should definitely Double:
• If a card value of 11 is obtained, you should Double, even if the dealer has a 10 or an Ace
• If you have a 10 and the dealer’s card is a 9 or less
• When a 9 is received and the dealer’s card is between 2 and 8
• If the card value is 9 and the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6
• If a soft 13 or 14 is obtained and the dealer has a 5 or 6
• If the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6 and you get a Soft 15 or 16

The Danger of Distractions

On the surface, distractions that ruin the opponent’s concentration can be a childish and mean method of winning a game of Blackjack. However, if this is subtly and carefully played, this could be the factor that will help you defeat even the most clever and talented opponents in Blackjack. On the other hand, you should never be distracted by the many attractions of a casino, such as the sounds of the game machines and flashing lights.

The casinos want players to be distracted, so that players lose and all bets go back to the casino. When playing Blackjack, it is important never to lose control of the game because this can be devastating. Therefore, if you lose your concentration, you should remove yourself from the table for five to ten minutes. During this pause, you can re-examine your goals and focus on them again. You should always keep control and influence others to make it easier to win chips.

The choice of a Blackjack variant

The great advantage of Blackjack is that you have a wide selection of different games available. There are literally dozens of different Blackjack variations, but you must make sure that you always choose only the one that offers the lowest house advantage. Never choose a Blackjack variant just because it has a fancy name, or promises a large number of bonus payments or unrealistic rules. It is only the house advantage, which makes a Blackjack game worthwhile – or not!

Always know the limit of a table

You would be amazed at how often a player sits at a table to play card games and does not know which limit or even which variant of the game they are playing. Therefore, you should always:
• Ensure that the table is played on a classic Blackjack
• Check the table limits for the minimum and maximum hand
• Know which two cards, you can double first
• Know which two cards you can first split and how often
• Check what the options are in the games, e.g. Surrender.

Note the dealer’s cards

One of the basic things you can do while playing Blackjack is to look at which cards the dealer has and adjust your own game accordingly. This is one of these rules, which is often overlooked because you end up concentrating too much on your own cards. There is no reason for you to make a decision immediately, so it is important to take into account what is happening around you, which informs you and helps you to make the right decision.

Never let your feelings come into play

There should always be a limit to your funds. You cannot win each time you play Blackjack, which is why you should bet within your available funds. If you are the mood to have fun and enjoy playing, then you should stop and refrain from participating in any gambling.

A good rule is to decide in advance what you are willing to risk and then put only a quarter of that amount at a table. This will force you to leave the table or find another one if the game does not go well.

Tips and tricks for online Blackjack

If you should choose to play Blackjack at an online casino, then the following things should be considered carefully in order to ensure a lot of fun and a great playing experience at the same time.

Choosing a trustworthy online casino

You should always familiarize yourself with the bonuses offered by a casino as they can differ significantly from casino to casino, especially for Blackjack. Likewise, the Blackjack rules of the online casino should be read carefully, in order to use a suitable Blackjack strategy for these rules. Furthermore, you should see if the additional option “to play as a Blackjack dealer” is available. This will significantly increase your advantage over the house and provide an exciting experience.

Play free Blackjack in ‘Practice Mode’

One of the best features of online casinos is that they allow you to play all their games for free, especially Blackjack. Playing this opportunity for free Blackjack gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with the rules and differences between the games of a casino. In some cases, the online casinos also provide descriptions of their game rules that are ambiguous. Opening a free account is the best way to test these rules. It gives you the opportunity to try out a Blackjack variant before you risk your own money.

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