Profit distribution at Blackjack

If a player has a Blackjack and a better hand than the dealer, a 3: 2 pay-out is made. If the dealer has a Blackjack next to a player, the game ends undecided. The player with the Blackjack wins and loses nothing. However, if only the dealer has a Blackjack, all players lose regardless of their hand.

If the dealer exceeds the 21 points (Bust), all players who are still in the game win. Otherwise the profit depends on the card value of the dealer. All players who have a better hand than the dealer win. If dealer and player have the same value of their cards, the game remains undecided. The player wins and loses nothing.

Casino BlackJack Percentage Maximum Bonus Percent No Deposit Bonus Rating Bonus Code Link
10% 1500€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
12% 200€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
15% 1000€ 100% 21€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1100€ 150% 5€ 9.6 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 9.3 GET LUCKY
10% 1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 300% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 200% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 600€ 100% 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
20% 500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY

Profit distribution – rules changes of the casinos

Basically, it is possible in every casino that the rules of the Blackjack are changed. Common discrepancies include doubling and dividing the cards (split). Players may often only double their bet if their first two cards have a score of nine, ten, or eleven. It is sometimes forbidden to divide it several times, and it is often not possible to double it in a split hand. In addition, card issuance rules varies from country to country. For example, in the USA the dealer can buy again with a card value of 17. Therefore, before the start of the game, you should read and understand the casino rules for Blackjack.

Changed rules in Blackjack online

With the popularity of the online casinos, the popularity of online Blackjack also rose. In the meantime, however, there are many games that are based on the rules of Blackjack, but they can be modified. If you want to play Blackjack online, you should read the rules and conditions for the Blackjack games.

A frequent modification of the rules is how, when and where the cards are issued, and the rules can vary between games and online providers. In some versions, the dealer also receives another card, but it is hidden. Known online versions of the original Blackjack are:
• Blackjack Surrender
• Spanish 21
• Pontoon
• Blackjack Switch
• Vegas-style Blackjack

Blackjack Surrender

A common feature that is rarely found in real casinos is the possibility of surrender. If you have received the first two cards and are dissatisfied with the result, you can give up your hand, although this choice costs you half of your original bet (stake). It distinguishes between an Early (Early Surrender) and a Late surrender (Late Surrender). Early Surrender takes place before the dealer has checked their hand on a Blackjack, whereas a Late Surrender is executed afterwards.

Spanish 21

Also the Spanish 21 has several modifications: it is common that the tens in the map deck are missing. In addition, the player wins with a Blackjack or a card combination, which yields 21 points, against each hand of the dealer. Depending on the variant, there are additional payments for certain card combinations.


This variant of Blackjack is very popular and is sometimes also offered in real casinos. Aces generally have a score of eleven points; two Aces give a Blackjack. Furthermore, there is no possibility to split the cards at the beginning of the turn (split).

Blackjack Switch

In this variant of Blackjack, a division of the cards takes place, so that each player plays with two hands. The last issued cards can be exchanged between the hands to improve the playing situation. Furthermore, the dealer has not overbought (Bust) when he reaches 22 points. Such a hand of the dealer leads to a draw against all players and can only be beaten by a Blackjack.

Vegas-style Blackjack

The Vegas-style Blackjack has a variety of additional rules. It is particularly noticeable that a player does not leave immediately if he has overbought. If the dealer also overbids, the player can retain his bet.

Blackjack Fraud – How to cheat in Blackjack?

For some players, a fair advantage over the house is simply not enough, because they want more and often resort to fraud to win at Blackjack. Luck games should be interesting and amusing for the player, but people have a strong urge to make a lot of money, luring them into the world of fraud. These players are not interested in fun, but just desire to make a large amount of money very quickly. Even if a person thinks that there is nothing wrong with fraud, the fact remains that the possibility to cheat and make a lot of money is extremely small. In fact, a deceitful player is much more likely to be caught than successfully deceive the casino. Nevertheless, stories of fraud in the casino are often entertaining, even if this is not something that a person should imitate. There are many ways to cheat on Blackjack, some of which are definitely more creative and successful than others. However, we do not endorse these fraudulent methods.

Here is an overview of some of the most common methods of Blackjack Fraud:

The friendly dealer

The biggest obstacle to a Blackjack fraud strategy is the dealer at the table. The dealer usually observes every move and should a player do something suspicious at the table, it is very likely that the dealer will recognise this and inform their superiors about it.

There is no better way to solve this problem than to involve the dealer in the fraud. Dealing with a dealer is a very effective form of Blackjack fraud, as it can ensure that you have an insight into the dealer’s cards, or even manipulate the card game with certain hands, when making big bets. In fact, there is probably no better way to get an advantage over the house than to have the dealer onside as a collaborator.

Unfortunately, this is not a realistic situation, as a dealer is not the only person who studies the tables for fraudsters. Although the dealer interacts most with the players, the manager or surveillance camera will also closely monitor the game to see if the dealer changes or does not use his usual approach during a game. This means that a dealer usually does not make an agreement with the players, because this risks losing their job and may face prosecution.

Replacing the cards

This is another lucrative form of Blackjack fraud, which in practice cannot be performed at a legitimate casino. The concept is simple because, with good handbag tricks, a player can use a momentary inattentiveness of the dealer to exchange one of his cards on the table with a hidden card. This is slightly less ridiculous than it sounds at first, as a professional pocket player could easily get through one or two times without being spotted. Of course, it is very likely that in a game where the sum of the hands is so easy to remember, the dealer will be at least suspicious when this is done once and after a second try, definitely smell the roast. If there is any doubt, the cameras have recorded the game. Although player may perhaps successfully exchange the cards without being immediately noticed, it is unlikely that they will leave the table with their winnings without being spotted.

Identifying the cards

This is a form of fraud that can actually work under the right circumstances without being spotted immediately. By identifying cards, you will know the value of the face-down cards. If the dealer’s face-down card is flagged, you have the absolute knowledge of what a hand the dealer has, which can be a big advantage. You can also try to make nicks in the cards by using fingernails or bend the card slightly (in games where the players are dealt face-down cards).

Of course, there are a number of problems with this type of Blackjack fraud. Firstly, the smallest of marks or bends are recognised by the dealer or other casino workers sooner or later. Secondly, even if you use a completely invisible form of marking, you will only have access to a small percentage of the cards, which will limit the amount you can obtain through this fraudulent strategy.


This is a very common form of fraud used in the history of Blackjack. Spooking basically involves the process of spying a dealer to figure out the value of his cards and forward the information to another member of the game. This is usually done only with organised teams of people playing at different tables: one of the team members positions themselves behind the dealer to see the value of the cards. Thereafter, a “signal” is sent to another player to inform about the dealer’s hand. The “signals” can be different for each team, because a standard number of signals is not used as the dealer can easily spot this. As a rule, before the game, the members of the team (who use this fraud strategy) determine the signals used.

Card counting

One of the most common terms most gamblers have ever heard of playing Blackjack is “card counting”. This basic strategy is not considered a fraud and is basically a way of memorising and calculating the proportions of high and low cards during a Blackjack game. This allows you to judge whether the next card will give you an advantage. Although this strategy is very popular, not many players are able to use card counting, as it is very difficult to learn and implement this technique. Card counting is legal because the user of this strategy does not use external factors to win in the game; you rely solely on intelligence, efficiency, experience, and knowledge of the game.

As long as you rely on your own intelligence and no external factors to gain an advantage in Blackjack playing, then this cannot be technically considered a fraud. However, if you use an electronic device or marked cards, which obviously help in deception, then this is definitely regarded as fraud. Another problem is that each casino has different rules when it comes to card counting. For example, if a casino were to determine that you count cards (even if it is not illegal), you could get a lifelong ban at the casino. However, you cannot be arrested, because no law was broken as you have technically not stolen or deceived something.

Therefore, there is a fine line between what is considered fraud and what is not, especially when it comes to Blackjack.

Cheating on online Blackjack

Players who think that it is impossible to cheat on Blackjack are wrong. In fact, it is not really as hard as most people would think. Computers are often used to deceive online casinos and make a big profit on Blackjack. Although not many of these attempts have been successful, fraudsters now use much more effective and modern methods to cheat the gambling casinos; some cannot even be detected or even prevented.

Blackjack Bots

Any good Blackjack bot basically works like the brain of a professional Blackjack player. The bot uses the player’s cards as information and calculates them with a strategy matrix to decide how the hand should be played in the most profitable way. The bot knows exactly when you should Double, Split, and Stop, making all decisions completely free of mistakes. If you find a good bot, you can just turn it on and let it work whilst earning you money.

A Blackjack bot would not be able to beat the house advantage, but it gives you an advantage over the house. If the ideal strategy were used, the advantage of the casino in the longer term would be reduced by 0.5%. This is surprisingly a very good result because it is much better than what most professional players would achieve.

Blackjack Software

In most online casinos, the software used for mixing numbers is referred to as a “random number generator”. Each random number generator begins with an initial number that is generated in this process. The point is that as soon as this number is known, the mixing algorithm would also be known, and from there it is easy to predict those cards which are distributed during the game.

There is even Blackjack fraud software that has been developed by players in order the cheat. It works by predicting the order of the cards that are distributed during the game. In addition, this expensive software is also sold online to players who want to cheat on online Blackjack.

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