Blackjack Rules – How to Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular card gambling game in casinos and is also easy to learn. Up to seven players play against the dealer individually at a table. The goal of the game is to get closer to the value of 21 with two or more cards than the dealer with his cards, but you cannot exceed 21. Blackjack is usually played with six French card sets to 52 cards.

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The course of the Blackjack rules

The game begins with bets from the individual players. On the table, boxes are provided for this purpose, into which the bet of the players is placed. In the boxes of the other players at the table can also be offered. However, each casino sets limits for total bets in a box that must not be exceeded.

When all the players have made their bets, the dealer divides the cards and starts with the player to his left. Each player, as well as the dealer, receives a card that is placed on the table for everyone. Each player receives another open card, but the dealer does not.

The value of the cards is:
• The number on the cards is valued from two to ten
• Ten points for the three picture cards (Jack, Queen and King)
• One point or eleven points for the Ace (at the end of the game, the dealer decides which Ace is better for the player.)

The player to the left of the dealer now continues. If they want, they can ask for as many cards as they can (open) until they are satisfied with his hand. In addition, they have the possibilities of double, split or insurance. If the total value of the cards exceeds 21 (Bust), they lose immediately, so cards and bets are drawn in directly.

This round robin process continues with the other players in the same way. The dealer is last on the round and draws his second card. In contrast to the players, fixed rules apply to him. If the two cards have a total value of 17 or more points, the dealer may not draw another card. If the total value is 16 or less, another card is drawn. The Ace is always valued at 11 points, as long as the total of 21 is not exceeded.

The terms and possibilities in a game of Blackjack


Blackjack is the best result in the game. A blackjack consists of the first two drawn cards and has a value of 21 points. It is achieved by combining an Ace with a card that has a score of ten (Ten, Jack, Queen, King).

Triple Seven

The Triple Seven is a combination of three cards, all of which have the value of seven. In Austria the Triple Seven is higher than the Blackjack; in other countries, the Triple Seven is often rewarded by a bonus.
In addition to the Hit, Pulling another card, and the Stay (remaining at the current point), you have more options in your turn. These include the:
• Split
• Double (or Double Down)
• Insurance.


If you receive two equivalent cards at the beginning, you can divide them and play with two hands. For the additional hand, a new bet must be made in the amount of the first bet. The two hands are then played one after the other. Multiple divisions are possible depending on the casino rules. If two Aces are divided, you only receive one card on each hand; otherwise you get as many cards as you want. When a split hand player achieves the combination of Ace and a ten-card, this is not a blackjack, as it is not scored with the first two cards. The hand is scored with 21 points.

Double or Double Down

After you receive the first two cards, you can double your previous bet. After doubling, you receive exactly one additional card. Even after the split, a double is still possible. If you want to double your stake, you can only do so if a player of the corresponding box also doubles.


If the first open card of the dealer is an Ace, the players at the table can protect themselves against a following blackjack of the dealer. This is a bet next to the actual gameplay with any bet. If the dealer reaches a blackjack, the profit is paid in a 2: 1 ratio. Otherwise, the dealer will collect the deposited money.


The Bust indicates crossing the limit of 21 points. However, before the handing out of the playing cards, you can also be bet on the dealer going bust. For the profit, the ratio of the pay-out is 5: 2; otherwise the money placed is withheld.

BlackJack Information