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Blackjack has gained huge popularity in recent months. The game had never disappeared from the gambling world, but the explosion of online casinos has also helped raise the old card classic to new heights. The games are played thousands of times every day, around the world. There are basically two different groups of players: Some casino players operate the games professionally, whereas other gamblers see Blackjack as a social game, as a leisure pursuit or hobby.

Blackjack enthusiasts are constantly looking on the Internet for platforms where Blackjack is offered for free of charge. According to our experience, it would be easily possible to try the card classics for free. Countless websites offer Blackjack games in the most different versions. The types of games differ slightly so each user should be familiar with the mode and the rules beforehand. Often Blackjack games are also offered in tournament form. You have the opportunity to make a material or small money profit. Against this background, the free Blackjack is still a very profitable pleasure.

Casino BlackJack Percentage Maximum Bonus Percent No Deposit Bonus Rating Bonus Code Link
10% 1500€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
12% 200€ 100% 88€ 9.8 GET LUCKY
15% 1000€ 100% 21€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.7 GET LUCKY
10% 1100€ 150% 5€ 9.6 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 5€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 140€ 9.5 GET LUCKY
10% 100€ 100% 9.4 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 9.3 GET LUCKY
10% 1200€ 150% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 300% 9.2 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 200% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 444€ 100% 9.1 GET LUCKY
10% 1000€ 100% 15€ 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 600€ 100% 9.0 GET LUCKY
10% 200€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
20% 500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY
10% 1500€ 100% 8.9 GET LUCKY

What you should know about free blackjack play and the game in general

Blackjack is the American version of the German game “17 and 4”. Whether the games are played for free or with real money, we have compiled some knowledgeable concepts of the card classic. You should understand the basic rules of Blackjack, even if you do not want to take part with real stakes in the casino.

The goal is to reach as many as 21 points. The winner is the player who comes closest to the “ominous” number: an ace is counted as eleven points; the images have a value of ten points; and the numbers correspond to the map value. If a player exceeds 21, he has automatically lost. (The only exception is having two aces) Each player receives two cards at the beginning and can then “buy” more pictures.
• Seventh – Triple: The prize is paid immediately in the ratio 3: 2.
• Blackjack: The card combination Ace / Ten or Ace / Image is called Blackjack.
• Insurance: If the dealer first draws an Ace, the opponents can place a bet for insurance. If the donor receives a Blackjack, the profit is paid in the ratio 2: 1; otherwise the insurance premium is lost.
• Split: If a teammate receives two equal cards, he may continue to play these pieces and with two separate bets.
• Double: As a matter of principle, each game sum can be doubled after the first two cards have been played.
• Bust: Before each round bets can be bet that the dealer has overbought.

Blackjack as social game on the Internet

Free blackjack, is offered free of charge on numerous social media platforms, where it is mostly run by American software companies. The games at Facebook are particularly popular. Anyone who enters the search term “Blackjack” in an Internet search engine will find countless possibilities for playing the game. However, these games on social media do not compare to real Casino gaming, since the graphics, gameplay and sound is nowhere near the technical quality of the Live Casinos, as these providers do not invest the same level of funding, research and development into the social media games as the software specialists who are employed by the online casinos.

Is the game free in the real casino?

Online casinos provide the high quality alternative to social media gaming. The operators of the Internet play platforms also offer the Blackjack game for free, but using the best technology to enhance your gaming experience. In the so-called fun or game money mode, the cards are placed without real bets. You receive a virtual credit, with which they can challenge their luck free of charge. The games correspond to 1 to 1 of the versions in the real money range. The games are perfect for you to get familiar with the virtual casino environment. Every software manufacturer presents the card classic in a slightly different format. One or two ‘Practice Mode’ games should be played before you start in a new online casino.

The advantages of games for real money

Free blackjack games certainly have their advantages, but ultimately free means free. This means that even a success story cannot be converted into real capital – you only win virtual money. The winnings allow the virtual gaming account to grow, but withdrawals are not possible. It is therefore advisable to play with real money to some extent, as long as you can afford to. The casino providers persuade their users in every conceivable way.

Although the games are not offered free of charge, the minimum bets per hand are five Euros. The best virtual playing halls allow for even smaller game totals. When playing via webcam against real dealers you can very quickly experience that feeling of playing real Blackjack in your living room. (Please note that the live games cannot be tested free of charge, as the game rooms are usually run by third parties).

Blackjack is mathematically the most promising casino game of all. The house advantage is extremely low. With the appropriate expertise, skilful approach, overview and logical thinking, you can optimise this to almost zero in the game. For this purpose, you can use the most diverse Blackjack tips and tricks. By the way, card counting (the method of calculating cards played, or yet to play) is prohibited in the bricks and mortar ‘real-life’ casinos, but cannot be stopped in the online games.

The three best Blackjack casinos on the net

We have compiled the three best online casinos for Blackjack below. All games can be used to play the games free of charge in Fun Mode:

Especially in the Live Casino area, this casino offers unique Blackjack games. The casino belongs to the British William Hill Group and is based on the software technology of Playtech.

William Hill:
The parent company of Eurogrand is also one of the best Blackjack platforms on the net. It is particularly credible because of the high possibilities for High Rollers. Their own subsidiary Playtech supplies the software.

Casino WINNER:
The Winner Casino is officially licensed with a license from Antiqua and Barbuda. It uses the Playtech software.

The future of card games on the Internet

Blackjack games will certainly increase enormously in terms of quantity and quality on the World Wide Web. The trend, however, leads away from the desktop version towards mobile games as smartphones and tablets dominate the blackjack games in the future. Nearly every good casino has the card game in their App, available for download or online play. As a rule, the mobile games can also be tested free of charge. Often the graphics, sound quality and the screen resolution are even more suited to mobile devices than the traditional home computer.

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